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Diebold Educational Consulting

Helping Educators ... Help Students ... Who Struggle

Literacy Skills

Professional Development, Consultation & Coaching

Literacy Skills Instruction

Specially-Designed Instruction & Accommodations

Workshops that train teachers to assess, instruct and accommodate students with a wide-range of reading challenges, including...

  • Decoding-based problems

       related to phonology & phonics difficulties (dyslexia)

  • Language-based problems
       related to receptive-expressive vocabulary, grammar, syntax & semantic difficulties

  • Vision-based problems
        related to visual tracking & integration  

Teachers learn about the neurology of of these types of reading problems, and how to implement strategies and evidence-based, structured programs that respond to specific student needs. Featured structured-language interventions include programs derived from the Orton-Gillingham and transformational grammar approaches. Refer to the Literacy Workshops pull-down tab for specific details on workshops and content.